“What’d I miss?…”

It’s been a long crazy summer. I mean, of course, 2020 was going to bring about what has probably been the most improbable, unpredictable summer ever. I am sure my #PLN has been wondering where I’ve been. Because life had become so crazy, I had to make a decision to step away from Twitter, #Edchats, […]

Returning to Work after COVID-19, Pt 3

This is the third part of an ongoing series about returning to school during/post Covid. In this installment, we explore virtual options for schools. The first thing I would like to note is schools did not close last spring. The buildings did, but the schools did not. I can honestly say a large majority of […]

Reclaiming Kindness

It seems there are many people that discredit and revile the term “kindness.” I understand the arguments. Sometimes kindness is confused for niceness or even weakness, but I would argue being kind is not the same as being nice nor is it weak. In fact, being kind takes strength. I recently had this discussion with […]

Returning to Work after COVID-19, Pt 2

In my previous blog, I discussed prerequisites that should be addressed prior to returning to work after the pandemic. I understand school systems across the country are under a lot of pressure to return to normal functions because as long as schools are not at all systems normal, then local, state, and federal economies cannot […]

Returning to Work after Covid-19, Part I

Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott commented he believed that schools would be safe enough to open this fall. It was suggested that face masks would not be required of students, and families would have the option of pursuing an at home option. Needless to say, I’m concerned for a variety of reasons for the […]

And Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson!

I played baseball from the time I was five years old through high school. And, of course, having played baseball for that long, you become a student of the game and its history. Brooklyn Dodger, Jackie Robinson needs no introduction. The amazing infielder earned Rookie of the Year honors the first year it was awarded. […]

How Can I Keep from Singing?

There is an old Christian hymn that speaks to finding an inner peace and purpose. To me it was about having that joy in one’s soul. The refrain is “how can I keep from singing?” It has always been one of my favorites. I remember first hearing it during my days at Notre Dame. It […]